Monday, March 7, 2011

Book News

I have signed a deal with Mulholland Books - a really exciting new imprint at Little Brown & Co - for two novels, forthcoming in 2012 and 2013.

“You are in a maze of twisty passages, all alike.”

The first book is called YOU, and it's about games, gaming, and game development. I love novels about games - Dream Park, Alice in Wonderland, Player of Games, and of course Ender's Game. I love paging through D&D Modules and RPG Manuals and letting my imagination run.
I have spent an inexcusable amount of my life creating and playing and thinking about game. I love paging through D&D Modules and RPG Manuals. So I'm writing a novel about it - about both making and playing games. I want to do for games what SOON I WILL BE INVINCIBLE did for comic books - to write what it's like to be inside them, in a newly rich and interesting way, a re-imagining of the medium wrapped in a compelling story.
The title is inspired by old Infocom games – YOU is the you of "You are likely to be eaten by a grue" or "You are standing in an open field west of a white house, with a boarded front door." It's the "you" at the center of every game ever made, but who exactly is that?

“My Name is Richard Milhous Nixon. I was educated at Whittier College in Whittier, California, and I have seen the devil walk.

The second book is called CROOKED, and it's about Richard Nixon and the secret history of the American presidency. What if Nixon was a man who had stumbled on a terrible supernatural secret, and who did what he had to do to protect humanity, at the cost of public disgrace? What if our third-worst president was really a pivotal figure in the secret history of the twentieth century, a man caught in a desperate struggle between his family life, his political career and horrors from another reality?
It's a character study, a Cold War espionage novel, and a Lovecraftian horror tale in one.
Expect the answers to such vital historical questions as:
  • What unspeakable events transpired during the notorious 18 1/2 minute gap?
  • Famously, in 1970 Nixon made Elvis Presley a Federal Agent-at-Large? What was his true mission?
  • What terrible secret did Neil Armstrong bury on the moon?
  • No serious student of history believes the Bavarian-born Henry Kissinger to be entirely human, but for the love of God, what is he?
Finally a word on the SOON I WILL BE INVINCIBLE followup. It exists, it's just been delayed. Honestly, it's just gotten stuck. I was putting a lot of effort into the INVINCIBLE film and I think I was psyching myself out a little. I have a good chunk of it done, but I really needed to take a break and try something different - Mulholland Books has been kind enough to give me a chance.


laliamos said...

Hello, my name is Marc, as the black wolf :D

I wanted to tell you that your book, "Very soon I will be invincible" I liked it, in fact, years ago I do not read. the other day, I went to the library and yours caught my attention.

Your writing and detail the scene is so graphic that a little imagination to read your book is like watching a movie.

In fact, you should look, to make the movie, because I assure you that if it is as good as the book, liked a lot the general public.

I liked that is not your typical superhero story, which is told from the viewpoint of the hero, but also, we see the villain's point of view and that is the best.

The truth is that at any moment, I thought that Dr. Impossible, would achieve its goal, but like any good story between good and evil, just as it should, even that I see, seems to leave you in suspense as the final if there was a sequel.

I am a Spanish guy, so I read your book in Spanish, I have to say, and I hope no offense, I found few typographical errors, I guess it was a mistake of, printing Liberdúplex, slu

P. S.: Sorry for my English
A hug

Stewart said...

Those both sound very cool. Good luck, and looking forward to seeing them in print when they're done!

Katy said...

About frickin' time! Been cyberstalking you for two years, waiting for your next book. Write! Write like the wind! Or, yeah, something like that...

KansasBrendan said...

I just started reading your novel. It is great and unexpected, even in a field of short stories and comic books about the inner lives of superheroes. Thank you for good work.

Sphinx Magoo said...

This is great news!

I came here after finishing SIWBI, one of many books I picked up after my local Borders imploded. I greatly enjoyed your books and am excited to hear that there may be more stories in this universe you've created.

Just curious: Has there been any talk about creating comic tie-ins much as Dark Horse had done with Michael Chabon's Escapist stories?

Also, I spotted some drawings in Bryan Hitch's art book which illustrated some of the characters from SIWBI. Any light you might be able to shed on this?

Heaven's Thunder Hammer said...

Thankyou about the update about Soon I will be Invincible!

I just reread it on my flight from Dallas TX to Vancouver BC, and it was very rewarding the second time around. I sincerely hope your time off on new books (waves D&D fan flag!) will invigorate you for the sequal and movie. I'll probably be buying your next two books.

Thanks again for the update!

Chris Gavaler said...

I teach creative writing and an honors seminar called "Superheroes" at Washington & Lee University, and "Soon I Will Be Invincible" is my and many of my students' favorite text on the syllabus. I'm pleased to hear that you are working on new novels. My brother is also a game designer, so "You" sounds particularly intriguing. I recently published a personal essay in "Brain, Child" about my daughter growing up with superhero mythology, and I include a passage from "Soon I Will Be Invincible" that to this day makes me choke up when I try to read it aloud. I look forward to whatever your write next.

Chris Gavaler

Benjamin Chambers said...

Awesome! Both books sounds great (and of course, the sequel to *Invincible,* which, incidentally, I found because your brother recommended it somewhere).

If Nixon was third-worst, who were the two worst?

Andrew Hamlin said...

Great news! But don't you mean "Neil Armstrong"?



Austin Grossman said...

@Andrew Hamlin You are correct! Been reading too much Neal Stephenson, dammit.

Austin Grossman said...

And apologies to everyone, I need to check in on comments more!

@Chris Gavaler thanks especially. For teaching the text and all, and because I spent six years writing Soon I Will Be Invincible, hoping some day to hear a comment like yours.


Austin Grossman said...

@Sphinx Magoo Bryan Hitch did amazing work for the UK edition of Soon I Will Be Invincible. All the characters, plus we did mock cover illustrations for a Champions comic book. An incredible honor!

98610 said...

Hi I am very interested in becoming a writer and was wondering how long it took you to write Soon I will be Invinsible? And how long should I spend on planning?

I want my novel to be very threat-to-the-universe kind of thing so any advice when your writing? Thank you and sorry for the barrage of questions.
Best Wishes


Jon said...

Oh YEAH! I LOVE Doctor
Immpossible, and can only hope the next books are half as good.

Or at least 3/8th as good.